The Patchwork Lands

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett March 17, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
March 17, 2017

We left the Frog Idol behind, and set off to find the last item – the amber. On the way to the Temple to Plueres, we saw more zombies. The Island is decaying, and the stench wafts over miles of territory. We walked for a couple of days, and we finally came upon a giant thorn bush. I threw a fireball at the thornbush, which was so waterlogged it caused the fireball to fizzle out.

We decided to enter the maze, and agreed to keep to the right as we walked through it. As we entered into the maze, three humanoids attacked us. They wore loinclothes, and carried spears and axes, but they were very fierce fighters. It was a long, tiring fight. Eventually, we overcame them.

Once we arrived at the middle of the maze, there was a 12 foot tall, 12 sided structure. It was in the center of a chamber that was open to the sky. There was a light, drizzle. The structure was mossy and overgrown, and each section had symbols on them. We could easily see 5 sets:

1) ∑∑∑

2) ~

3) set of 5 dots (large)
 

 

4) set of 5 dots (small)
 

 

5) scatter of many small dots

We could hear the sound of water on water, and we realized that it was coming from the top of the structure. BG3-11 and Wyatt helped me to climb up to the top, where I could see that there was a pool of water at the top. There were four massive pieces of amber in the pool. I handed down the pieces of amber. I suppose I was unscathed, but I do have a concern about the odd itchy feeling at the back of my head and neck, which happened when I touched the amber pieces.

And, of course, several humanoids appeared once we finished fishing the pieces out of the water. We had another long fight with them, and we eventually defeated all of them, but not without more injuries. Wyatt and Jondra healed all of us. Thankfully, aside from having to defeat the black tentacle monsters, we had an uneventful journey back to the Frog Idol.
3 followers of Plures:
3 turquoise necklaces



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