The Patchwork Lands

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett March 10, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
March 10, 2017

We found the entrance and entered the island. It was very unpleasant; everything was made of zombies. It stank. We will never be able to get the stench of the undead out of our clothes and hair. There was no flat surface. Everything moved or grabbed us as we walked. In one of the larger rooms, we found the Iron Rose, and the zombie master (necromancer), wights, and one giant zombie. It was a long, exhausting battle, but eventually we defeated all of them, and took the iron rose.

On the way out, we stumbled across a trap with steel spikes. Unfortunately, we ran into more zombies, and a zombie crocodile as we tried to leave.

We successfully returned the Iron Rose to the ungrateful wretch.

pouch of 272 gp (group fund)
wand of war magic +1

non-magical longswords
43 gp (group fund)



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