The Patchwork Lands

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett February 9, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
February 9, 2017

We journeyed to the Lake of the Nixies; yet on the way, we stumbled across a group of lizard men. For a moment, things were tense, yet we passed without incident. However, our luck did not hold and we had to fight two large crocodiles. Thankfully, we were successful.

We broke up our journey with a talk with Lord Leafdew, who, unfortunately, could add no new knowledge in regards to our quest. When we arrived at our destination.

The Lake was surrounded by mangroves, and the lake itself was covered by water lilies. It was a beautiful setting. In the middle of the water was a giant wicker basket. The Nixies were very beautiful, exotic beings. They seemed fairly nice, and were open to trade. After some negotiation, we traded the folding boat for the wicker basket.

They gave us some more information on the Zombie Island, although they were confused as to why we would want to go anywhere near there. The island is to the west of the Nixies, and it tends to move. Currently, it is close to the Nixies (about 10-15 miles away).

The Necromancer, unsurprisingly, is not a very nice person. It is he who controls the zombies.

The Nixies also told us that the Temple to Plures is quite a boring place, where it rains all of the time. It is off one of the causeways.



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