The Patchwork Lands

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett February 16, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
February 16, 2017

It took us three days to drag the basket to the Frog Idol. We decided that we would rather drop off the basket first, and then journey to the Zombie Island.

The Frog Idol, rather unexpectedly, upset that we wanted to drop off the items separately. We explained that we had neither the manpower nor the resources to carry the items around the Black Mire Swamp, and insisted that he accept the basket.

We returned to the causeway in order to find the Zombies; on the way we had to fight off a group of troglodytes. We were successful, and continued our journey. We veered off into the swamp, yet as we walked through it, we had a strange, uncomfortable fuzzy feeling. It was strong enough that we decided to turn back, and return to the causeway…and more troglodytes. After defeating the second group, we headed south/southwest.

We eventually started seeing individual zombies wandering through the swamp, and as we got closer to the island, the numbers increased. The Nixies were right. The Island was not a proper island. It was a moving mass of interconnected zombie parts. It was… horrifying and disgusting. The closer we got to the island, the more zombies we had to fight.



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