The Patchwork Lands

From the (private) journal of Luaithra Baen'athett

October 20

We traveled on the Causeway. After a short while, BG stated that he felt different, and the coin was buzzing. We decided to follow the coin’s prodding, and we moved south.

On the way, we encountered 5 zombies (and once we defeated them, we also found 2 gp).

We continued south, but in order to do so, we had to go off the causeway. We came upon 6 figures wearing the white cloaks of Galean. They were completely motionless, but were standing in a circle. All of the men were facing outward, yet they were surrounded by a cloud. This cloud shimmered and flickered.

Near the group was a large rock. Its surface was flat, and a man was stretched out on the surface. When we approached, he sat up. He was quite handsome-well-that is- for a surface dweller. He was one of the fey -with long, golden hair and eyes that matched. His name was Lord Allevial Leafdew of the Summer Court.

He explained to us that the Fruum surrounded the men, who were the most powerful of the remaining gods in the Blackmire. He was protecting the men from the Fruum until they were rescued. Apparently the Summer Court and Galean Council have an arrangement that the fey will watch over the men.

The Fruum was a black cloud of buzzing energy, which became colder the closer we got. It felt like a build up of electricity. Apparently, these beings could feel evil

Lord Leafdew also informed us that a few hours south was the Cave of the Oracle, but we would have to move directly through the swamp.

As we travelled through the swamp, we bumped into beings that looked almost reptilian – as if it was a human crocodile. Thankfully, we walked by them without issue, and eventually came to a slight hill where we saw another lizard man, who was standing guard. Behind him was a blindingly white figure at the entrance of the cave. We had found the Alabaster Oracle at her cave.



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