The Patchwork Lands

From the private journal of Luaithra Baen'athett

September 1, 2016
From the private journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
We started our journey back to the Oracle, yet the Dark Tower, which had always been in the distance, seemed to be closer than normal. No matter where we walked, it came closer.

We stopped for the night and made camp. At some point, deep into the night, BG was surrounded by the same mysterious beings that we saw when we first met him. First, two-legged, two-armed, cube-shaped, winged creatures appeared. They were followed by several loud popping sounds, and then two-armed, two-legged, metallic sphere-shaped creatures materialized. Finally, triangle-shaped, starfish-shaped, and giant frog-like creatures came into being -only one of each. The starfish seemed to speak to the creatures, and then all of the geometric beings attacked the large frog. Some of these things have spit that seems to burn like acid, and they should be approached with caution.

By this time, all of us were awake, and we watched a massive battle form. Although the creatures ignored us, we backed away from the fighting. I think that we were all remembering BG telling us that these creatures had killed his former comrades. Finally, the battle came to a close. The living disappeared, while the dead, littered the ground. Their bodies slowly turned to dust before our eyes. We quickly scooped the dust into the ivory scroll case and sealed it. We hoped that the remains would allow us to identify the remains.

The next morning, we decided to walk to the Dark Tower, since it seemed to putting itself into our path. We entered the squat, dark, building, and within we found an old man. He had long, grey hair that was pulled back and tied with a thin silver chain. He had a circlet on his head that was decorated with a small gem. He also held a hammer.

Wyatt called out to him and asked him who he was. The man told us that he was Isaac Clybourne, and the tower was named the Redoubt of the Seven Stones. He informed us that he was from a different time, and that while we were fated to meet and help him, this was not our time. He also told us that two among our group were tainted. I think it comes as no surprise if I wonder if he meant Soren and me – the Drow, the dark ones, those touched by Lloth…

BG asked Isaac what the battling, geometric beings were. Apparently, they are called the Modrons and the Slaad, and the old man was surprised that they were manifesting outside of the Tower.

He looked at the magical rapier, and told us that it was Mindflayer crafted. Isaac also traced a sigil on BG, which is supposed to keep the weird creatures at bay.

We left the tower, and journeyed onward towards the Oracle. When we arrived, we told the Priestess the sad news about their group of adventurers. At the end of our tale, she allowed us to consult the Oracle.

We ritually cleansed ourselves and fasted for the day. Eventually, Maenae took us into the midst of the standing stones. As night fell, the visions came to us. I do not know what the others saw, but I must consider what the Oracle told me. However, it seems that we will begin a journey to Coruvan next.



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