The Patchwork Lands

From the private journal of Luaithra Baen'athett

September 29, 2016 log

September 29, 2016 adventure
We arrived in Coruvan, which is a large town located near a swamp named the Black Mire. The Dwarven fortress of Kuln is upriver to the north of Coruvan. We approached the Galean Council, and Wyatt requested that we be allowed to stay at the Chapter House.

He also spoke with Oren Nickel about his experience at with the Oracle at Melford. Oren informed us that Gern Osbourne took a group of knights to the Blackmire two weeks prior, and they had not returned. He said that they went to the Blackmire to speak with the Alabaster Oracle. This oracle is a humanoid woman with alabaster skin, who lives in the Blackmire. She comes into Coruvan every so often, but very little is know about her. She is generally escorted by lizard men.

We asked Oren if he had ever heard of the Frog Idol, and he had. The Blackmire is home to many strange gods, including the Frog Idol.

He also told us the following rumors:
1. A dozen black dragons live in the swamp and guard their eggs
2. The Frog Idol hates giants and will aid those who seek to defeat them
3. Giants live to the east, but they are nomadic. They are a problem in the area, especially because the town is built on top of an old giant burial ground.
4. No giants have been seen recently
5. The Oracle may have been seen in Coruvan in the past month

After we left the Chapter House, we explored the town, and came upon the Great Library of Coruvan. After much inconvenience caused by the human wizard, Niko, we finally gained admittance to the library. BG researched his silver coin. The obverse of the coin has a head in profile, and on the reverse has a set of runes. The head is Lasciel, the demon. The runes state: “Lasciel will awaken soon.” We find out that Lasciel has a new bearer, who is BG.



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