The Patchwork Lands

From the Journal of

Group finances

Group Finances:

September 1
Shannon’s notes:
35 cp
159 sp
57 ep
260 gp

An additional:
14 cp
25 sp
22 gp

Mayanne gave 300 gp

Silver brooch 70 gp
Gold earrings with jet 50 gp
Bronze brooch set with zircons (not magical) 50 gp
Gold ring 120 gp
Beaten bronze circlet with rock crystal (not magical) 100 gp

1 Ivory scroll case 5 gp
Protection from poison
2 cure wounds (2nd lvl) to Wyatt & Jondra

Items from missing group:
1/2 orc: splint mail; 2 handed sword; 13 gp, 11 sp, 2 cp
Sethrina (halfing): spell book ; bull’s eye lantern; no money
Dwarf cleric: chain mail, war hammer, shield, holy symbol (Erathus), vial of Holy H2O; 6 gp, 14 sp, 12 cp
Human rogue: suit of studded leather, short bow, rapier, 12 silver tipped arrows; 3 gp in boots
Human: breast plate scale mail, adventurers backpack (no spikes, no 10 ft pole); magical longsword
(Total coinage from adventurers: 23 gp, 6 sp, 4 cp)

Total coins (group) as of December 2, 2016:
633 gp
2 ep
5 sp
3 cp

Add: December 2: 8 GP

Caravan duty: 75 gp for each
30 silver each for Oris

Given to:
Rapier of slowing, which was a dark color
decorated with unpleasant looking tentacles
from corner of the eye, it seems like it is moving

Longsword (magical)
lighter than usual
adorned with vines, leaves, and symbols of nature

Spell book
Gold Ring set with bloodstone (120 gp) – not magical- that had been used to tie the nest of rats together that I killed – purchased from group by using 120 gp from my group share





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