The Patchwork Lands

December 2, 2016

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett

December 2, 2016
We arrived at the cave of the Alabaster Oracle, and we all sought audiences with her. At the end, she told us to seek the Frog Idol.

Wyatt received the directions to the Frog Idol.

BG asked if we had heard about the Winter Queen.
1. Claimed that the coin can lead to darkness (but perhaps darkness is what we need)
2. According to some, the coin is dark
3. WQ believes this, but she is eager to consider an enemy of an enemy is a friend
4. WQ would align with the coin to fight against a common enemy (& would also align with people we have already met)

We took the route through the Swamp on the way back to Coruvan.

We were set upon by a being, which had green skin, long ugly hair, pointy ears, gigantic claws, and big sharp teeth. It also held a stick. We managed to smite the troll.

(Small bag with 8 gold pieces)

We came back to Lord Leafsdew and asked him some more questions. He told us that:
1. The WQ is the ruler of the Winter Court
2. Winter Court is in Fey
3. Winter Court has allies not friends
He was basically unhelpful. I have the feeling that we were not asking the questions correctly.

The Frog Idol is the Alabaster Oracle’s husband.

We camped on the causeway, and the next day our uneventful journey continued. But then while we were walking, a spot on the causeway started to glow. The light was in the shape of a rune.

Then a beam shot out towards Jondra and hit her. After that, strange, floating tentacle beasts, the Fruum, started appearing and coming towards us.



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