The Patchwork Lands

December 16, 2016

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett

December 16

We managed to defeat the tentacle beasts after a difficult struggle, and found out that when they die, they slowly dissolve and then disappear. After the battle, we attempted to take a short rest, which was disturbed by yet more Fruum.

After we repelled the second attack, we realized that the beasts came from a hole in the ground. I threw a firebolt into the hole, which changed color, and then clearly hit something inside of the Fruum hole. The damage in the hole simultaneously caused damaged to a Fruum tentacle beast, which hovered over the hole.

Finally we defeated the beasts, and we continued to journey SW heading along the causeway to the swamp. On the causeway, we came upon a burned image of a frog with a rune under it (a frog icon). It seems that the rune was related to directions.

After a long rest, we left the causeway and came across an island with a giant idol of a frog. This idol called out to us “Hello! Have we met before or is this the first time?” The creature is made out of green serpentinite, but he opened his eyes, which were white with glowing blue pupils.
“Have you encountered the Fruum?”
“But you have not brought my gifts?”
“All these have come to pass, but I can help you, but I need some thing in return.”
Soren offered him a jaunty hat.
“I would rather have my engagement presents that I once gave to my wife [the Alabaster Oracle].”

The gifts were a basket of amber and an iron rose.

He continued: the gifts are “now scattered across the Black Mire. The engagement and the wedding were a long time ago. There have been great changes in the recent times and once of those caused the loss of the gifts.”
He gave no other insight or advice, but implied that we would eventually hear more at some time in the future. He did suggest that the Alabaster Oracle or the wise men of Coruvan would be able to help us in the quest.

“Recover my gifts and I will aid you against the outsiders. Outsiders come in many forms, and you have all been touched by them. The Outsiders that concern me the most are the Fruum.

Soren asked if there would be a monetary reward. The Frog Idol said No.
But the FI did tell us about the Mire:
“The Black Mire was formed in a war between certain forces and many creatures were let into the region. At the time, I was not immobile, but I was able to move as my wife.”

He also told us that the Fey were of this reality, of this plane of existence.



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