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The Patchwork Lands

The campaign starts in the little town of Melford, a sleep hamlet on the banks of the Mel, which , as you might imagine, has a ford at Melford. Well, it does usually, anyway. Melford is a bit bigger than usual as there has been a tremendous amount of rain as of late, washing out the ford and stranding a great deal of traffic on the north side (Melford) side of the river. Luckily, a travelling circus is in town and has been doing record business, as a number of peddlers have set up to sell their wares as well. The local inn, The Kings Head Inn (run by Gerrit and Lena Wyke) has been doing brisk business, and isn’t quite full, as most travellers have their own tents set up on the outskirts of town.


The gods of Chaos and Law create the universe through their eternal struggle. Outright conflict is actually rare, but the passage of the seasons, day and night, the cycles of the moons are all driven by this conflict. People tend to favor one side over the other (as dictated by alignment, generally), but recognize both sides as necessary, and worship gods of either type depending on need. There are six major gods, 3 on each side, and innumerable smaller deities, some still active some faded from memory, and who might lean one way or the other, or not!

Pelor – Light, the Sun, Life
Corellon – War, Magic, Secrets
Erathis – Civilization, Knowledge, Necromancy

Sehanine – Storms, Death, the Moons
Bane – War, Destruction, Darkness
Loki – Magic, Trickery, Nature

The surrounding area

Melford is part of a region called the Patchwork Lands. It is a region without any large governments, mostly smallish city states, the largest of which is Coruvon, located on the edge of The Black Mire, a huge swamp with a strange patchwork of magic causeways on it. Melford is in the Sweegy Wood, a large wooded area that runs from the foothills of the Vyn Range west to the Almoth plain (home of the kingdom of Almoth), and south to The Black Mire. Perhaps it’s most noted feature is The Dark Tower, a tower located on what appears to be a low foothill in the south of the wood, but that is noteworthy because it is visible no matter where one is in the Wood and it never appears to get closer or further away, no matter how one travels.


Luaithra Baen’athett
Wyatt Blackwood
Jondra Hammersmith


Sweegy Wood
The Black Mire
The Shrine of the Oracle
The Almoth Plain
The Redoubt of the Seven Stones

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