The Patchwork Lands

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett July 20, 2017

I admit it. I took some of those dusty tomes from the shelves. Perhaps they will be important at some point.

After a long rest, we decided to investigate the entrance to Kuln. And immediately upon walking into the secret room, we encountered Lord Leafsdew, who welcomed us to Kuln. That was a…surprise.

We were a little confused, because we were still in the Library, however, LL informed us that we were more or less in a liminal space. He also offered us a proposal. He also had to go to Kuln, but he was not able to enter into some of the places within the City . He had to go to it in order to retrieve an artifact, but he was having an issue retrieving it because he was Fey. There was only a slight danger. In exchange , the object would help in the battle against the Outsiders, but it would also be able to help us in some way in regards to our quests.

He called the object a “key.”

BG asked how the Summer Court would react when learning that a coin bearer is actively looking for the Quill and Scroll?

LL responded that the Court would be quite concerned, but that he couldn’t speak for them at this point.

After a brief discussion, we agreed to help LL. At that point, he informed us that the Treasure Chamber in Kuln exists in both the present and the past, and that we can choose to exist in either the present or the past while in the chamber/city. BG informed us that he does not want to go into the past, so we agree to remain in the present.

We stepped across the threshold and immediately were in Kuln, which is a massive underground, abandoned Dwarven city. We could see multiple levels built into the wall of the cavern. At the very bottom of the city, there was a pool of molten lava. At the highest level, there was a large bridge leading from the wall of the cavern to a central area. This central space seemed to have been the building where the king lived, as it was beautifully carved. Everything was dusty and there were no footprints, except those that we make.

LL seemed to know the plan of the space, and he led us towards the center. As he walks in front of us, every few steps, he disappears and so do we. We seemed to be hopping through space. He informed us that these spaces were cracks in the universe, as the city was under great strain. Looking back, I think that we should have asked him to elaborate on that explanation.

Eventually, we arrived at the treasure room, and stepped through. We immediately found ourselves in a huge space. We seemed to have been at some overlap of past and present time, because we could see items, but were not able to touch some of them. Soren attempted to pick up some gold, but it was as if it was an illusion, and he was not able to grasp any of it. Soren became very frustrated. And BG asked what kind of treasure Soren was really searching for since he had been so eager to come to Kuln. Soren gave a non-committal answer that he wasn’t looking for anything in particular; it was just that he had always heard about the city of Kuln.

The chest was real in the present time, as well as a ring, an ordinary looking stone with a rune, a robe, a pair of bracers, and a vial of potion.

BG looked at the stone, which was triangular shaped, and had a single unidentifiable rune carved on it. He suggested that it was part of a pair.

BG took the stone, and Soren took the bracers.

LL frantically gestured at the chest, which looked like it was made of gold. Soren used his magic hand to open the chest, and inside was a small rod. This was the object for which LL had been searching. BG 311 gave him the rod, and LL immediately disappeared!

The room started to shake, but it wasn’t an earthquake. We immediately made our way out of Kuln and back to the Library. We then bumped into Nico and he asked us where we had gone. There was a scratching noise, as if a quill was writing on parchment, but before we can answer, the room shook and it became blank. Then a voice (which was not the Frog Idol, but it sounded like the Oracle’s) from somewhere said, “You should not have given him that quill! The Outsiders use magic to undo reality and to remake it. Were the key not there in the present, you would not be able to give it to the Outsider. I am capable of sending you back to when Kuln existed.”

Apparently, LL is a corrupted Summer Court Fey and is an Outsider. (I am not entirely convinced that it was the real Lord Leafdew – although it might explain his power over the Frum that surrounded the paladins.)

After a brief discussion, we decided to go back to Kuln to correct our mistake.

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett July 14, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
July 14, 2017

We ran down the stairs to the library basement, and my Aunt threw up the basement wards. She was a Librarian, and able to do so. I was glad -because we needed something to slow Nico and that spiky bug down.

Apparently, Nico made a copy of her. It seems that Aunt was with me for the first lunch. She was not looking for the Rod of Para’an, she was actually looking for the Quill of Truth (and apparently she found it).

Nico and his followers have a great deal of power and they all bear coins.

The first room was relatively bare. The 2nd room had tables with books. The 3rd room had bookshelves lining all of the walls, but it was also a room with a transportation circle.

She began to cast her spell to activate the portal, and then Nico appeared. He wanted the Quill and Aunt.

Nico is Nico Archleone, and he bears a blackened sigloy with Anduriel inside of it. He was accompanied with a bear (named Uriel), a spiky bug, and Nico. They were all powerful in their own ways. We battled them and killed off the bear.

Aunt tried to get me to follow her through the portal. She has the Quill and she wants to rule the world. She believes that our Matriarch will be in agreement with her. I am not so sure. They do want Aunt to return to them, but I have never sensed any grand designs to rule the world. Aunt escaped to her secret lair. Wyatt and his fellow paladin followed her. Now it was just Nico, the spiky bug, and us. It is my aunt that Nico wants, not us; and the battle sort of simply…stopped.

We convinced him that we know nothing. He left, and the spiky bug dragged the bear out. Before he left, he told us where the secret entrance to Kuln was. One of the bookcases disguised the entrance. The books on that case seemed more old and fragile. The topics seemed to be about dangerous things. I needed a moment to clear my head, and so while the others rested, I looked at all of the books.

Where is Aunt’s base?
Supposedly she needs both the Palimpset and the Quill for it to work.
She hasn’t told the truth to the Matriarch Baen.
Is there really a Rod of Para’an? Is it truly unimportant?

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett July 7, 2017

The mystery of the 2 Aunts is solved, as has the question of the entrance to Kuln.

In the morning, I told my fellow adventurers of my strange encounters with my Aunt (Aunts?). They all agreed it was rather strange, so we came up with a plan.

I met my Aunt (Aunts?) when the town clock struck 10, meanwhile I had placed myself where I could watch the front steps without being obvious from 9 onwards. I wanted to see how many Aunts walked into that library.

Jondra joined me – I asked for her back up -but mostly I wanted to make sure that I was not losing my mind and had the proper count of Aunts.

Soren watched the side door

BG311 was placed inside the library. He was quite chatty with my aunt, so it would have not seemed strange to her if he spoke with her.

Once I met up with the first Aunt, Jondra remained hidden to see if a 2nd Aunt appeared. If a second Aunt appeared, the dwarf would, in a non-threatening way, approach the 2nd aunt, and stay with her.

The plan worked.

Sort of.

Not entirely in the manner which we would have preferred.

There was a bit more fire involved than I expected.

A lot more fire.

An excessive amount of fire if one is being honest.

At 9AM the first Aunt walked into the Library. BG 311 saw her enter. Apparently, she looked at some books and walked up stairs.

A little bit later, a 2nd aunt approached the door of the library. This one loitered in front of the library outside.

By Lloth’s Silken Web, there are two of them. Two. They seem to be identical. I was not entirely mentally prepared for two aunts. I wondered if BG could see her? I suspected not. To us, she looked exactly like the first one.

I approached her, and said good morning, and we entered into the Library.

BG 311 followed the plan when I entered the library. He approached us and “accidentally” bumped into her. He successfully marked her robes with a white, dusty handprint. I grabbed her hand when we suddenly saw the other Aunt, who was not marked, come down the central staircase. Unmarked Aunt saw us too. In that moment, everything spun out of control. I turned and looked at the Aunt I am holding and innocently asked “Why are there two of you, Aunt?”

She didn’t like that question, and yanking her hand out of mine and darted to the bookcase. BG threw a ray of frost at her. Meanwhile, No-chalk Aunt runs down the stairs, while yelling. “What the Hell is going on?”

Poor BG, Chalk Aunt chose that moment to cast a hold spell on him. Of course, Jondra could not see this through the front door, and Soren, was still guarding the back door. At that moment, I could only hope that they would hear the commotion and enter.

I got caught up in someone’s web -literally.

And they do! Soren suddenly appeared (at that moment I thanked Lloth for that Drow male…) and once BG freed himself of the hold spell, together they managed to destroy Chalk Aunt. She literally dissolved in front of me. Truly, it wass too early in the morning for these shenanigans.

Jondra also (finally!) entered the library.

Nico appeared and was accompanied by a spiky, spider -bug monster. Real Aunt, presumably it was her, cast darkness, and whispered in my ear. Non-chalk Aunt was my Aunt! She freed me from the web, and she suggested that we head to the basement as the spiky spider-bug set fire to the library. As Aunt battles spiky bug, she yelled “Nico is not your friend! Run to the NE stairs! Get to the basement!”

Everyone successfully moved towards the stairs.

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett April 20, 2017

Today I went back to the Library to continue my research, and to dine with my Aunt. I read through many books about magical items, yet none of them gave me any information (useful or not) about any of my questions. Although I did find a reference to the Blank Palimpset.

After a frustrating morning of research, I joined my aunt for lunch. This lunch was a little earlier than we had planned (rather more brunch than lunch), but since I was hungry, I did not mind heading out. This then started the strangest set of hours in my life.

At lunch, she told me a bit of useful information about the institution: there is absolutely no organization, and no useful way to find books that one might need. She shared that it is currently a contentious time in the Library as there are rarely 3 individuals in charge, so everyone is engaged in a power struggle. She cautioned me to be careful what I say around Nico or Eldon, and that if I have a book that I am interested in that I should hide it away.

She also told me a little bit about the background of the Warforged, and then we discussed the coin- which was odd considering that yesterday she didn’t seem to know much about them. Perhaps she researched them after we left her?

She said that communing with the coins opens a door to another realm just a crack, but to commune with the fay inhabiting the coin opens the crack even further. I asked her if bearing or communing with the Fallen Fey inside would cause the bearer to be overcome by the Fallen Fey inside of the coin. She said that there are many who bear these coins who also work independently from the Fey, but also those who become subsumed by the Fey. But communing with the fey inside does not mean that one would lose one’s self will. The coins are very old, and are from the Nerathi Empire, which was many hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago. It is not clear how the Nerathi coins are connected to the Fallen Fey and how the Fallen Fey became imprisoned within the coins. Were the Fallen Fey cast out of the Winter Court and then became imprisoned in the coins?

She also said that although the Fallen Fey within the coins are powerful, one should not fear to converse with them. She said “If I were a bearer of a coin, I would not fear overmuch about speaking with them.”

Nico seems to be very interested in the coins. Aunt believes what Nico would like most of all would be for a Bearer of a coin to join with him in his endeavors – whatever they are.

The Frum, out of all of the Dark Gods, was the victor in the Black Mire. They can manifest anywhere in the BM. It is said that in the heart of the BM, one will find the heart of the Frum. Individuals have been seeking the heart, but they never return. However, Frum attacks are normally very rare, and that generally the Frum are able to kill of groups of travelers. But large caravans are generally more successful when travelling by the causeways. The high number of attacks of the Frum on us may have to do with us working with the Frog Idol. The gods of the BM are not of this plane. The FI is neither benevolent or malevolent. He is neutral.

She also told me a bit about the Rod of Para’an:
Powerful artifact of the Nerathi Empire
Broken into 3 pieces well before the downfall of the Empire
Pieces are scattered
Each individual piece is itself very powerful
She is certain that at least one piece is in this area
Suspects some connection to Kuln
Somehow associated with the Black Mire
Originally, it was about 6ft long and of black iron rod
When it is whole and activated, it will have glowing sigils on it
It is somehow connected to the Nerathi and their control over the creatures from Beyond that used to maintain control over their Empire.
Nerathi are not directly responsible for the BM
But their creatures were the same type of creatures as the Frum.
The Nerathi managed to commune with the Outsiders of this plane

I asked her how she knows about that particular item. She said that she found a reference to it some time ago, and she is certain that she is closer to finding something, but she needs to keep searching. Aunt has been around Coruvan for about a decade and on the surface for much longer than that.

She has journeyed to the Mire Port and made inquiries regarding the Alabaster Oracle. She also explored a potential entrance to Kuln, but she has not yet found the true entrance to Kuln. Perhaps the river entrance might work? She suggested that there may be more than one entrance. I also asked her if she had issues traveling on the surface as a Drow. She said that her travels were actually quite boring, but she did prefer to travel by stealth.

Then we chatted about less weighty matters. She also told me of a lotion that would be very helpful for my skin while on the surface, and directed me to an apothecary. I went off to find this lotion, and she returned to the library.

When I returned to the library, I found her waiting for me on the front steps. Thinking that she wanted to continue our conversation, I was flabbergasted to find out that she was waiting there so that we could go to lunch as planned. I fear either my Aunt has a illness that affects her memory, or something quite unusual is occurring. So I set off with her for a 2nd lunch.

We went back to the same inn for more food. I fear that the serving girl now believes that Drow must eat constantly in order to survive.

Our conversation was quite similar to the above record, however, Aunt could no longer tell me anything in regards to the coins. No matter how much I pressed her, she could not tell me anything that she had just told me a hour previously!

It is very strange.

Aunt #1 (Coin Aunt)
Very interested in the coins
Aunt #2 (Not Coin Aunt)
No interest in the coins.

We walked back to the library, and this time I went with her. While I was inside, an Aunt (which?) departed the library by the front door, and I could not find a second Aunt. Have I just imagined this lunch? Does she have a doppelganger? Is she ill? Is she deliberately playing mind games with me? Is someone pretending to be her? Does Nico have this magic that would allow him to veil himself as my aunt? Is it a Fey being seeking to mislead us or to see what we know?

I am now committed to meeting up with my Aunt, or is it Aunts?, at 10 am on the front steps. We shall see how many Drow dragon sorcerers appear at the front door of the library. We may have a surfeit of us all standing around the front door staring at each other. This has the potential of going very, very poorly.

I fear I must enlist my fellow adventurers in order to solve this mystery.

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett April 14, 2017

The group decided to do some research regarding the Fey and any legends regarding how they Fell and became the Fallen. We also wanted to see if we could find out more regarding the Coins. However, we did not find much on the coins, and they continue to be somewhat of an annoying dead-end. BG311 does seem to be able to sense if there are other coins in Coruvan, if he knows more he is not sharing it with us.

Nico the Librarian is particularly unhelpful and he insists that he cannot find any books on the subject. There are two other Librarians: Eldon Razortongue, and most intriguingly and surprisingly, my aunt Ja’lithra .

I suggested that we go to my aunt to see if she could help us, and she did seem happy to see us. It seems the above world agrees with her. I wonder what she is really up to up here on the surface.

Aunt asked my why I stood her up for lunch, and I said that she had left a note informing me that she had to cancel our lunch date. She said that she had left no such note, and when I went to find it in my bag, the note was mysteriously gone. This is very strange, however, she seems to be telling me the truth. We agreed to try to meet for lunch the next day.

Meanwhile, BG 311 asked her many questions about the coins. He shared with her that Nico informed him that N is a carrier of a coin of Lasciel. J was surprised at that, and said that she didn’t think so (but we are not sure if she simply does not know that N carries one). BG also informed her that we are searching for more information on the Fallen, such as how to contain them, and how to avoid dangers associated with them. N had told us that it is common books are moved around and misplaced often, and could she help us find some of them?

While J was speaking with us I could tell that she was somewhat confused by the conversation, and she didn’t seem to know what we were referencing. I suspect that my aunt is faking it for some reason, instead of simply telling us that she doesn’t know what we are talking about. Why?

BG 311 filled in the backstory regarding the Empire Sigloi. (singular – sigloy; plural= sigloi)

J gave us the following information:
She has had no dealings with the Fey or either of the Courts
She has no idea regarding the coins or the Fallen Fey
She does tell us that when questioning the Fey we must use specific questions in order to get the answers to our questions.
We will need to have something to barter with when dealing with them
Nico has been the librarian for several years
He often has business outside of the library with some frequency, but J is not aware of what it is.
Eldon has been at the Library for his entire life

We found Eldon in order to ask him our questions, and he admitted that he has seen us around the Library. He looks much older than Nico, and is very thin. He speaks very quietly. This human is the quintessential Librarian.

Eldon looked at BG311’s coin. He tells us it is an old Nerothi Sigloy, with a runic inscription. He told us: “Were I you, I do not know that I would keep it.”

We also asked him about Isaac Clybourne and the Redoubt of the 7 Stones.
Eldon told us that no one has visited it recently. Then he told us that he could ask some assistants to help us, but why should he?

I asked him how interested he was in the Redoubt, at which he perked up. BG followed it up with letting him know what we may have visited it recently. Eldon definitely perked up. He stated that in exchange for the knowledge re the Redoubt, he would be able to assign us some assistants.

We set ourselves to our tasks. I went to research the Rod of Para’an, the Quill of Truth, and Nico.

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett March 31, 2017

Frog Idol also gave us limited protection from the Outsiders who seek to destroy everything. This was temporary.

Wyatt asked who the Outsiders were.

The Frog Idol explained that when the world fractured apart many groups attempted to repair it. All of these groups belonged to our realm, but the Black Mire was created by the influence of the Outsiders. Not all of the Outsiders are hostile, but the Frum are hostile Outsiders. The Alabaster Oracle is from our realm and is not an Outsider, although the FI is an Outsider.

After this conversation with the FI, we left and returned to Lord Leafsdew. Along the way, we fought more Tentacle monsters.

Once we got to Lord Leafsdew, Wyatt informed him that the FI had given us special powers to deal with the Frum. LL said that he would lower the field that surrounded the Frum, but that he would not help us to defeat them. He did warn us that once he removed the protective shield that they would be free to attack us.

Before he did that, BG311 asked LL what caused the Fallen to fall, and LL responded with wanting to know why we wanted to know.
BG311 retorted that 30 Fey fell and he wanted to know why.

LL stated:

Summer Court is straight forward. They are side of goodness and light.
Winter Court is more complicated. There are many different opinions in the Court as to how to deal with defeating the Fallen and how that should be accomplished.

BG also asked if any of the Fallen were of the WC.
LL answered that currently none of the Fallen belonged to any Court.

At that, LL lifted the veil around the Frum and Wyatt’s brethern, and he faded away.

Four paladins were surrounded by Frum..

By the end of the battle, we lost one of the paladins. As we escorted them back to their HQ, Wyatt told them the story of our journey.

Gern Osbourne, one of the paladin, confirmed that we are probably involved in something larger. He decided that he needed to send someone off to the main HQ in Almuth to update them on the current situation. Wyatt was chosen to go. He also asked those who remained if we would like to be put on retainer for when they needed an adventuring crew to complete various missions. We agreed.

He wanted us to investigate Kuln.

Osbourne gave us back pay of 300 gp each, although he asked if we would like to be paid in things instead. We chose the gold. We stayed in Coruvan to prepare for our next adventure.

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett March 17, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
March 17, 2017

We left the Frog Idol behind, and set off to find the last item – the amber. On the way to the Temple to Plueres, we saw more zombies. The Island is decaying, and the stench wafts over miles of territory. We walked for a couple of days, and we finally came upon a giant thorn bush. I threw a fireball at the thornbush, which was so waterlogged it caused the fireball to fizzle out.

We decided to enter the maze, and agreed to keep to the right as we walked through it. As we entered into the maze, three humanoids attacked us. They wore loinclothes, and carried spears and axes, but they were very fierce fighters. It was a long, tiring fight. Eventually, we overcame them.

Once we arrived at the middle of the maze, there was a 12 foot tall, 12 sided structure. It was in the center of a chamber that was open to the sky. There was a light, drizzle. The structure was mossy and overgrown, and each section had symbols on them. We could easily see 5 sets:

1) ∑∑∑

2) ~

3) set of 5 dots (large)
 

 

4) set of 5 dots (small)
 

 

5) scatter of many small dots

We could hear the sound of water on water, and we realized that it was coming from the top of the structure. BG3-11 and Wyatt helped me to climb up to the top, where I could see that there was a pool of water at the top. There were four massive pieces of amber in the pool. I handed down the pieces of amber. I suppose I was unscathed, but I do have a concern about the odd itchy feeling at the back of my head and neck, which happened when I touched the amber pieces.

And, of course, several humanoids appeared once we finished fishing the pieces out of the water. We had another long fight with them, and we eventually defeated all of them, but not without more injuries. Wyatt and Jondra healed all of us. Thankfully, aside from having to defeat the black tentacle monsters, we had an uneventful journey back to the Frog Idol.
3 followers of Plures:
3 turquoise necklaces

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett March 10, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
March 10, 2017

We found the entrance and entered the island. It was very unpleasant; everything was made of zombies. It stank. We will never be able to get the stench of the undead out of our clothes and hair. There was no flat surface. Everything moved or grabbed us as we walked. In one of the larger rooms, we found the Iron Rose, and the zombie master (necromancer), wights, and one giant zombie. It was a long, exhausting battle, but eventually we defeated all of them, and took the iron rose.

On the way out, we stumbled across a trap with steel spikes. Unfortunately, we ran into more zombies, and a zombie crocodile as we tried to leave.

We successfully returned the Iron Rose to the ungrateful wretch.

pouch of 272 gp (group fund)
wand of war magic +1

non-magical longswords
43 gp (group fund)

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett March 2, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
March 2, 2017

We continued the investigation of the island. We have killed several zombies.

Journal of Luaithra Baen'athett February 16, 2017

Journal of Luaithra Baen’athett
February 16, 2017

It took us three days to drag the basket to the Frog Idol. We decided that we would rather drop off the basket first, and then journey to the Zombie Island.

The Frog Idol, rather unexpectedly, upset that we wanted to drop off the items separately. We explained that we had neither the manpower nor the resources to carry the items around the Black Mire Swamp, and insisted that he accept the basket.

We returned to the causeway in order to find the Zombies; on the way we had to fight off a group of troglodytes. We were successful, and continued our journey. We veered off into the swamp, yet as we walked through it, we had a strange, uncomfortable fuzzy feeling. It was strong enough that we decided to turn back, and return to the causeway…and more troglodytes. After defeating the second group, we headed south/southwest.

We eventually started seeing individual zombies wandering through the swamp, and as we got closer to the island, the numbers increased. The Nixies were right. The Island was not a proper island. It was a moving mass of interconnected zombie parts. It was… horrifying and disgusting. The closer we got to the island, the more zombies we had to fight.


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